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BPC’s Spellings: ‘The American people expect their leaders to build consensus and govern.’

Statement from Margaret Spellings, president and CEO of the Bipartisan Policy Center, on the vote to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.  

“Today’s vote to oust the Speaker of the House is a sad and unfortunate reflection on our politics and our institutions. In our nation’s 246-year history, Congress has never before removed a speaker.   

The challenges we face as a Nation are complex and serious.  The American people expect their leaders to build consensus and govern.   

Congress has just 44 days to negotiate a spending agreement to avoid a government shutdown – and there are numerous other issues that affect our economy and our national security which need to be addressed in the coming months.  

The American people need and deserve a functioning and capable House of Representatives. That requires courage, grace, and skills to reach consensus on meaningful solutions that address the real challenges facing the country. BPC stands ready to work with bipartisan leaders to move pragmatic solutions forward.”  


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