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BPC’s Hoagland and Hayes on Failure to Include Health Insurance Legislation in House Spending Bill for Fiscal Year 2018

Headshot of Joann Donnellan
Joann Donnellan

Washington, D.C.– The following is a statement from Bipartisan Policy Center Senior Vice President G. William Hoagland and Health Policy Director Katherine Hayes on the failure of the House of Representatives to include funding for improving the affordability of the individual insurance market in the government’s spending bill.

“We are extremely disappointed that Republicans and Democrats have been unable to agree on health insurance legislation for the individual market. Leaving this out of the House-passed government spending bill for 2018 continues to highlight the inability of both parties to come together on a proposal to address increasing costs and availability of coverage in the individual insurance market in many areas of the country.

“Stabilizing this market is critical to driving down their premium costs and providing certainty for insurers to provide their coverage. It is imperative that lawmakers jump-start negotiations on this issue to ensure that those who pay for their own insurance will have access to affordable choices in their health care coverage. We have kicked this can down the road far too long. BPC will continue to work with legislators on this important effort.”

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