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BPC Statement on Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships

Washington, D.C.– The following is a statement from Michele Nellenbach, director of strategic initiatives at the Bipartisan Policy Center, on the importance of public-private partnerships in filling the nation’s infrastructure gap:

“In May 2016, BPC’s Executive Council on Infrastructure released its New Model for Investing in Infrastructure which outlined how the nation can best meet its infrastructure needs through a combination of public funding and private investment.

“The United States needs to invest $3 trillion to modernize, update and repair its infrastructure assets which include highways, bridges, drinking water pipes and facilities, airports and ports. To meet this overwhelming need, we need to use all available tools, including public-private partnerships, which have been proven to reduce the risks to the cities and towns while more quickly delivering projects.

“Our council looks forward to working with the administration and Congress to develop a comprehensive infrastructure package that leverages every possible resource, including municipal bonds, public dollars, and private investment.”