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BPC Releases Prescription for Hospital GHG Emissions

Washington, DC – A new report released today by the Bipartisan Policy Center underscores the undeniable link between climate change and the health of Americans.

In Cleaner Health Care: Hospital Emissions Mitigation, BPC, with the support of the Commonwealth Fund, highlights the critical role of the nation’s health care sector in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) missions responsible for the escalating global impact on human health. The United States currently stands as the foremost contributor to health care related GHG emissions worldwide, with hospitals contributing 36% of these emissions.

To facilitate the health care sector’s transition to cleaner energy and align efforts with a changing climate’s impact on human health, BPC proposed specific federal actions, including:

  • requiring CMS to regularly publish a report on building code changes and waivers, emphasizing their impact on GHG emissions reduction;
  • researching ventilation strategies in hospitals to optimize energy-efficient ventilation while ensuring infection control;
  • incorporating ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager reporting into CMS’s Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program; and
  • a GAO report on clean energy workforce development programs within key government departments, highlighting recommendations for enhancing expertise in health care settings.

While most of these recommendations can be implemented within existing regulatory frameworks, there are a few areas that might necessitate congressional involvement. BPC’s recommendations are crafted to align with the current congressional climate, aiming to facilitate prompt and effective action where necessary.

The report also presents several best practices for hospitals to initiate immediate GHG reduction measures and emphasizes the importance of reducing GHG emissions stemming from food waste.

Read the full report

On November 9, BPC will host an event to discuss how hospitals can reduce their GHG emissions. RSVP now.

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