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BPC Leaders Reflect on the Legacy of John Warner

Washington, DC – “Today, we join the D.C. community in mourning the loss of former Secretary of the Navy and United States Senator John Warner,” said Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center. “Senator Warner was a true legislator with a unique capacity to inspire others and overcome political difference. BPC, like many others, will miss his quiet confidence, deep sense of patriotism, and unyielding commitment to core democratic principles.”

“The country has lost a genuine statesman,” said BPC co-founder and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. “Senator John Warner was a formidable and respected leader in Washington, and an independent voice driven by conscience and principle. During the more than two decades we shared in the U.S. Senate, I knew John Warner as a consensus-builder with an extraordinary capacity to forge agreements across the aisle. His leadership will be missed, but his example will not be forgotten.”

“John Warner was a dear friend to me, a tireless champion for Virginia, and a true patriot who dedicated his life to our nation,” said BPC board member and senior fellow, and former Senator Olympia Snowe. “It was a privilege to work with John in the Senate because he was the embodiment of the essence of public service. His legacy of placing policy ahead of politics and prioritizing the best interests of our country is one that will continue to reverberate, and in today’s polarized environment his example could not be more critical to celebrate and follow.”