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BPC: Extension of Modernization Committee is a “Victory for Strengthening Congress”

Headshot of Ari Goldberg
Ari Goldberg

Washington, DC—BPC believes today’s vote in Congress to extend the critical work of the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress is a major victory for strengthening the legislative branch.

The committee has already made great headway toward a more functional legislative process through its 29 proposals, including enhancing Congress’s science and technology capacity, making the House more transparent and accessible, and eliminating unnecessary staffing restrictions.

Now, the committee can continue its work through 2020 which means impediments like the House’s impractical schedule, the broken budget and appropriations process, and incentives that discourage bipartisan relationship-building can be addressed, among many other issues.

Congress may be broken, but the Modernization Committee has demonstrated that it can be restored to an institution capable of addressing the challenges of all Americans.

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