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BPC Economic Policy Project Growing its Ranks

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Edward “Sandy” Davis, after 36 years working on budget issues for Congress, will join the Bipartisan Policy Center on May 16 as a senior advisor with the Economic Policy Project.

Davis will initially focus on “evidence-based budgeting” to develop legislative recommendations that would better target public funding to programs that achieve their stated goals so that taxpayers receive the most value for their investment in our nation.

“I have known Sandy for many years and have seen first-hand how indispensable his knowledge of the congressional budget process is to legislative activity. His expertise, dedication and good humor will be invaluable for BPC,” Bill Hoagland, BPC senior vice president, said.

Davis spent 20 years with the Congressional Budget Office and 16 years with the Congressional Research Service. Both Republicans and Democrats hold him in high regard for his knowledge, collegiality, and straightforwardness.

At CRS, Davis prepared numerous reports and memoranda on the budget process and reform proposals, including “Points of Order under the Congressional Budget Act” and “Manual on the Federal Budget Process.”

Davis joined the Congressional Budget Office in 1996 where his expertise in budget legislation and process was well utilized. Among the many areas that he covered were the line item veto, CBO’s budget projections, and budget process issues.

In 2003, Davis was appointed CBO’s first associate director for legislative affairs and worked closely with House and Senate staff to field questions, respond to concerns, and identify CBO products that would help the legislative process.

“I am looking forward to joining BPC, where outcomes are consensus-driven, and working on budget issues that are so important for the American people,” Davis said.

Also joining the Economic Policy Project is Christopher Gates, who as a fellow will help build a new effort focused on bringing the left and right together for a conversation about opportunity and inequality. Gates is a former president of the Sunlight Foundation and a former executive director of Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement. He also served as president of the National Civic League, the nation’s oldest good government organization. He is also an elected fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.