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BPC Announces Nuclear Waste Primer Series

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Washington, D.C. – Starting this month and running through October, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) will release a series of issue briefs and infographics breaking down the current state of play on key issues in the debate around nuclear waste. The launch of this effort comes as Congress prepares to take up energy legislation in the months ahead.

The primer series will cover five issues:

  • Options for consolidated storage of nuclear waste
  • States’ authority to regulate nuclear waste
  • Yucca Mountain
  • Options and limits for presidential executive action
  • Transportation of nuclear waste

“These briefs are critical reading as Congress turns its attention to energy policy. Already in the last week we’ve seen a new challenge for Yucca Mountain, and that’s just one small aspect of the discussion,” said Timothy A. Frazier, director of the nuclear waste project at BPC. “With so much heated rhetoric on both sides, our goal was to provide an unbiased assessment of where we are today.”

The briefs grow out of five regional meetings held over the last year. These conversations allowed BPC to hear first-hand from an extensive range of interests to gather substantial information and key insights.

As part of this effort, BPC has also published an interactive online map showing all current nuclear waste storage sites in the United States along with information on amounts and type of storage. This map is another important resource for understanding the challenges surrounding a long-term solution for nuclear waste storage.

The series will culminate with an October public event.