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Healthy Congress Index: Improvement in Appropriations, Days in D.C.

Governance / Press Release November 30, 2018

An improved appropriations process in which Congress enacted five of 12 appropriations bills before the start of fiscal year 2019 resulted in a better functioning Congress.

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BPC’s Hoagland: Budget Process Committee’s Failure a Serious Disappointment, Work Must Continue

Economy / Press Release November 29, 2018

This package deserved and still deserves consideration from congressional leaders and the full House and Senate.

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BPC Releases Policy Framework on Early Childhood Facilities

Education / Press Release November 19, 2018

The policy framework recognizes that the quality of the physical buildings and spaces where children learn, play, and grow are a fundamental part of their development and learning.

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New Report Finds States More Active in Immigration Legislation, Underscores Need for Federal Action from New Congress

Immigration / Press Release November 16, 2018

BPC finds that states are increasingly enacting immigration-related laws in the absence of federal congressional action, creating a complex patchwork of disparate rules across the country.

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New BPC Video Provides Roadmap to Reinventing Rural Health Care in America

Press Release / Press Release November 15, 2018

To mark National Rural Health Day, the Bipartisan Policy Center is releasing a new video that serves as a critical snapshot of the challenges and opportunities for reforming America’s rural health care system.

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New BPC Report Calls for Strengthening Direct-Care Workforce and Supporting Family Caregivers

Health / Press Release November 8, 2018

With a rapidly aging population, workforce shortages and adequate training and support for caregivers pose a threat to the quality of care delivered to our nation’s elderly.

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New Congress to Face Record High Debt Limit in 2019

Economy / Press Release November 8, 2018

Less than 60 days after the newly elected Congress is sworn in this January, the federal debt limit will come back into effect at a record high level.

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BPC Welcomes New UCS Nuclear Power Report

Energy / Press Release November 8, 2018

BPC welcomes a new report out today by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) about the role nuclear power plays in reducing carbon emissions from the power sector.

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BPC Election Analysis: Highest Midterm Turnout Since 18-Year-Olds Got Vote

Press Release / Press Release November 7, 2018

Washington, D.C.– Voters turned out in record numbers yesterday to cast ballots in the 2018 midterm general election. While the ballots are still being reviewed, counted, and adjudicated across the country, a Bipartisan Policy Center analysis of publicly reported, unofficial…

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NAS Report Shows Need for Federal Energy R&D Investment

Press Release / Press Release October 24, 2018

While the challenge may seem daunting, companies around the world are already demonstrating that carbon removal and direct air capture technology works

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