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Ep. 56: State and Local Officials' Perspectives on Immigration Issues

This Week in Immigration: Episode 56

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This Week In Immigration we present a special episode: A discussion of the importance of the immigration issue to state and local officials.  Over the last couple of years, state legislatures and county commissions have become increasingly places where major immigration issues of our time are debated.  While immigration law is and continues to be a federal prerogative, states and counties are increasingly on the front lines of dealing with the issues.

Our own Theresa Cardinal Brown, sat down with the chairs of the Immigration Task Forces of the National Association of Counties, Bill Truex, from Charlotte County, Florida, and the National Conference of State Legislatures, Senator Mo Dennis from Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss their interest in immigration, their work with the NACO and NCSL task forces, and why its important that federal lawmakers hear from state and local officials on immigration issues.

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