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Episode 25: BPC Weekly

BPC Weekly: Episode 25

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This week’s episode we take a look at a recent BPC/Rockefeller Foundation national survey that shows the economic impact of the pandemic on communities of color. We will also explore the needs of our nation’s essential infrastructure work force and how they can be best protected going forward.

The coronavirus pandemic has exasperated long-standing economic challenges for Black and Hispanic households. They face higher rates of unemployment and reduction in hours worked compared to white families. Hear from our panelists and pollster, Rob Green, as they discuss what these findings mean for minority communities. Amid the pandemic, public attention to America’s essential workforce has drastically increased. In the segment, BPC’s Meron Yohannes guides us through a conversation with Hope Cupit, president and CEO of Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Billy Terry, director of the National Transit Institute at Rutgers University, and Jason Walsh, the executive director of the Blue Green Alliance, to explore strategies for protecting these workers and how to invest in their futures.