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Tomas Green


BPC Team: Energy Project

School: University of Kansas ‘18

Major: Major in Chemical Engineering; Minor in Public Policy

Future Plans: I hope to dedicate my career to science policy—especially as it relates to energy and the climate. My goal is to use my background as an engineer to serve as a bridge between the policy community and the scientific community.

BPC Intern Duties: As an intern, I worked on a summer-long project that analyzed an issue in science policy that culminated in a blog post on the BPC’s website. I also worked on short-term projects such as compiling information on the impact of Department of Energy programs on local economies and writing the public comment that the BPC submitted to the Department of Energy.

Best intern memory: My favorite memory as an intern was surprising the assistant director of the energy team with a baby shower to celebrate his new baby boy. It was just a little part of our day, but it made the BPC feel like more of a family.

On the importance of bipartisanship: Bipartisanship must begin from a point of mutual respect and the desire to gain mutual understanding. Our country’s greatest and longest lasting policy achievements are a product of productive, bipartisan relationships. The BPC fosters those conversations, based in mutual respect and civility, that are the necessary basis for crafting the solutions to the problems we face.

On being in Washington, DC: D.C. has surprised me with the depth of passion of so many of the people who live here. I have found that, even as an intern, you can still contribute to the policy dialogue and meet with incredible people. All it takes is a little bit of initiative!