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Tim Wahlers

Senior Director of Corporate Relations

Headshot of Tim Wahlers

Tim Wahlers is the Senior Director of Corporate Relations at BPC. Wahlers started his career as a social worker in Chicago, but switched to fundraising after his boss suggested that non-profits needed people who understood finances more than they needed another MSW. He began with the Red Cross in 1997, working on the full gambit fundraising for the Atlanta Chapter, raising money for hurricanes, tornados, floods, and manmade disasters, including deployments in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. After overseeing fundraising in Louisiana and Arkansas in the early 2000s, Wahlers moved to Washington DC for the Red Cross to focus on corporate and disaster fundraising, establishing relationships with multinational companies around the country

In addition to the Red Cross, he has worked for a variety of Health and Policy organizations, including the National Alliance on Hispanic Health, Planned Parenthood, the Children’s Defense Fund, and the National Coalition for Health Care.

Wahlers received his BA from Sewanee and his MBA from the University of Georgia. He lives in New Mexico with his wife and four kids.