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Simeon Markind


Energy Project Intern, Summer 2013

School: Cornell University ‘14

Major: Chemistry and economics

Future Plans: After interning with BPC, I’ve become very interested in the energy industry. Following graduation, I’d like to work in energy consulting or finance and would like to end up in the renewable energy sector down the road.

Intern Duties: As a member of the energy team, I am mainly focused on two projects. I am currently writing a report on Renewable Energy Asset Backed Securities, looking at potential market impacts of introducing these products, as well as policy challenges and opportunities to get them off the ground. Additionally, I am looking at greenhouse gas emission data on a national level, analyzing trends in fuel usage by the type of fuel consumed and the economic sector in which it is used.

On the importance of bipartisanship: Bipartisanship is important to me because, as we can see from the current climate on Capitol Hill, when a two-party system fails to work together, government grinds to a painful halt. Bipartisanship does not mean acquiescing to one side’s demands; it means debating to find common ground solutions to national problems that will move America forward.

On being in D.C.: The best part about being an intern in D.C. is the opportunity to do things outside of your office such as playing in a softball league or getting involved in things outside your interest. For example, even though I work primarily with the energy team, I was recently able to attend the National Housing Commission’s annual awards gala with the BPC’s housing team.