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Renee Lewis Glover

Founder and Managing Member, The Catalyst Group, LLC

Headshot of Renee Lewis Glover

Renee Lewis Glover is an inspiring and purpose-driven Thought and Business Leader known internationally for changing the conversation about public and subsidized housing and economic development. As the 19-year Chief Executive Officer of the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA), a quasi-governmental real estate and economic development agency organized under the laws of the State of Georgia, Renee sponsored the formation of numerous public/private partnerships to develop more than 16 mixed-use, mixed-income residential communities, leveraging public funds by a ten-to-one ratio, with a $3 Billion economic impact; successfully privatized important business functions to improve customer service and efficiency; negotiated and implemented comprehensive regulatory reform; and effectuated business transformation of AHA from a chronically dysfunctional public housing authority, on the verge of receivership, to become a high performing, nationally recognized diversified real estate company, with a public mission and purpose.

During her tenure with AHA, Renee has been credited with creating the national legal, financial and regulatory model for mixed-use, mixed-income communities, with publicly-assisted housing as a component. When Renee retired from AHA as its CEO in September 2013, as a result of the effective implementation of the strategic plan developed under her leadership, AHA had approximately $100 million in cash reserves.

Renee, a corporate lawyer and former partner at two major law firms in New York City and Atlanta, has been successful and effective in high-profile executive roles, with demonstrated strengths in relationship management, strategic partnerships, finance, regulatory reform and deal construction. Renee is highly skilled in strategic problem solving, regulatory reform, creating vision, developing long-term strategic plans, clarifying and communicating complex issues, galvanizing resources, and achieving defined objectives.

Renee is currently serving on the Boards of Tricon Residential, Inc., Fannie Mae and Enterprise Community Partners. Renee has also served on a number of for-profit, not-for-profit and civic Boards, including, but not limited to, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity International and the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Urban Research.

Renee also served on two national bipartisan housing policy commissions, charged with making policy recommendations to the United States Congress.