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Katie Hancock


BPC Team: Early Childhood Initiative

School:Brown University ’19

Major: Public Policy and Applied Mathematics and Economics

Future Plans: I want to focus on the research and data analysis aspect of policy.

BPC Intern Duties: My duties are really whatever is needed. Some projects have interns focused on a single report or issue while others have interns dabble in a little bit of everything. I am definitely in the latter. I’ve helped prepare for a lot of events, write one-page reports for states, prepare for meetings with government officials, and much more. Every day is completely different!

Best Intern Memory:Having one of Ivanka Trump’s staff describe her as “kind of low key.”

On the importance of bipartisanship:Bills are rarely, if ever, voted upon and signed into law through the support of only one party. Bipartisanship is how meaningful policy is development and enacted. It forces parties and people to reflect upon and evaluate goals. It forces some self-discipline and incites civility within our government.

On being in Washington, DC:Prior to my internship, I had spent less than 24 hours in the city. I wasn’t sure if I would like it. But luckily, I do – a lot. It’s a bustling city with so many people working to do good for others and our country as a whole. How could you not like that?