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John Soroushian

senior policy analyst

John Soroushian is a senior policy analyst with BPC’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative. Prior to joining BPC, he worked at the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, and Brookings Institution. In these roles he focused on financial stability and regulation among other policy issues. He also co-authored a paper on credit rating agency reform with former Federal Reserve vice-chair Alice Rivlin, which was published by the Brookings Institution.

Outside of his professional capacity, Soroushian was selected as a Leader of Tomorrow at the 44th Annual St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland for his writing on intergenerational equity. He was also invited to the 7th Annual Peter Drucker Forum in Austria for his paper on technology, management, and organizations, which was later cited by the Financial Times.

Soroushian graduated from UC San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He also holds an MBA from NYU Stern Business School with a specialization in economics and finance.