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Jill Eicher

Director, Infrastructure Lab

Jill Eicher is a Senior Advisor at the Bipartisan Policy Center. Her work focuses on infrastructure financing models for public-sector agencies. She is on detail to the federal government to facilitate private investment initiatives in infrastructure.

Prior to joining BPC, Eicher was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center in the School of Engineering where she developed a cooperative investment model for public pension funds to deploy capital into domestic infrastructure. She co-founded the Fiduciary Infrastructure Initiative, a research-driven venture specializing in international models of direct infrastructure investment and the adaptation potential of them for U.S. pension funds.

Eicher began her career in the investment management industry at Hellman, Jordan Management Company, and later led the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s investment program in banks.

She is currently the Director of the Infrastructure Lab, a research and development project that tests promising infrastructure financing strategies. Eicher is also a member of the Governing Institute and a Contributor to Governing Magazine. She served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Transportation Research Board Panel on Leveraging Private Capital for Infrastructure Renewal and on the EPA’s Expert Discussion Group for Financial Leadership for Water Infrastructure in Communities in Need. She gave a keynote address on Joining Forces for Infrastructure at the Governing Summit on Financial Leadership.

Eicher is a graduate of Wellesley College and did post-graduate work in finance at the Université de Strasbourg. She was issued a patent for a method to assess investment risk.