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Hannah Hardin


BPC Team: BPC Action

School: University of Oklahoma ‘20

Major: International Area Studies / Pre-Law

Future Plans: After graduation in 2020, I plan to move to D.C. as quickly as possible to get my foot in the door of government affairs, whether public or private sector. I hope to work three to five years before pursuing my J.D. I hope to use my career as a catalyst to serve others.

BPC Intern Duties: My responsibilities at BPC have included writing blogs on events for BPCAction and adding content to the Congress of Tomorrow website on topics varying from entitlement programs to filibusters. I have also enjoyed helping at BPC events and creating graphics here and there.

Best Intern Memory:My absolute favorite memory was receiving the email that my first writing had not only made its way to the BPC Action website but had also been included in a Hill send. I immediately pinned the email and had a silent dance party in my cube for feeling like I was doing valuable work that I love.

On the importance of bipartisanship:Bipartisanship gives a person’s name to the ideology with which one disagrees. Without bipartisanship, partisanship festers and allows people to dehumanize each other and their experiences. Everyone’s experiences shape their values and world view, which I believe deserve equal empathy and respect. Most importantly, bipartisanship replaces selfish intentions with courage and love of country. Where partisanship will inevitably fail, bipartisanship is there to foster tangible solutions.

On being in Washington, DC:DC is an absolute dream. After interning in the Senate last summer, I have loved comparing and contrasting the two vastly different fields and experiences. The district is practically run by 20-somethings and I have been so encouraged by its youthful and energetic passion. DC is quite literally the room where it happens, and I can’t wait to be back.