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Allyson Y. Schwartz

Health Program Senior Fellow; Co-Chair, Senior Health and Housing Task Force; Former Representative (D-PA)

Headshot of Allyson Y. Schwartz

Allyson Y. Schwartz co-chairs BPC’s Health and Housing Task Force. She is a former member of the House of Representatives for Pennsylvania (2005 to 2015) and is a nationally recognized leader on health care issues. Schwartz serves as president and CEO of Better Medicare Alliance.

In Congress, Schwartz was appointed to the powerful House Ways and Means Committee in her second term and served as a senior member of the House Budget Committee. In both capacities, Schwartz was a strong advocate for Medicare.

Schwartz was also instrumental in the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2006 and authored key provisions, including the ban on pre-existing condition exclusions for children and increased access to primary care.

Prior to her election to Congress, Schwartz served in the Pennsylvania State Senate from 1991 to 2005, and previously worked as a health care executive.