Working to find actionable solutions to the nation's key challenges.

BPC Team: Development

School: University of Virginia

Major: Major in Public Policy, Russian & East European Studies

Future Plans: I hope to pursue a master’s degree in public policy and find a career that combines my interests in international development and policy.

BPC Intern Duties: As a member of the development team, I contribute to the daily operations of fundraising and organization growth at BPC. I do research to connect individuals, foundations, and corporations to the current policy projects happening at BPC. Other projects have included establishing membership levels for individual donors, developing collateral such as policy briefings and video summaries of speaker events, and researching new platforms to expand BPC’s outreach. Working with development is serving as the liaison between BPC’s work and its supporters.

Best Intern Memory: My favorite memories at BPC include playing for the BPC softball team against other political think tanks after work and attending various speaker events throughout the city.

On the importance of bipartisanship: Our government was designed so that no singular party or belief could overtake every institution in our country. With checks and balances and a two-party system, bipartisanship and collaboration are fundamental for anything to get done.

On being in Washington, DC: D.C. is just like any other city in that there is good food, various recreational activities, and tons of things to do. What is unique is its role as the center of American politics. Everything that is happening here is important and by being in D.C., you get to witness it first-hand.