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Dr. Graham Allison

Director of Belfer Center, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

General (ret.) Peter Chiarelli

Former Vice Chief of Staff of U.S. Army

Admiral (ret.) Gregory Johnson

Former Commander of U.S. Naval Forces, Europe

General (ret.) George Joulwan

Former Commander, U.S. European Command

Rear Admiral (ret.) David Mercer

Former Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia

Dr. Michael O’Hanlon

Senior Fellow, 21st Century Defense Initiative, Brookings Institution

Ross Perot, Jr.

Chairman of the Board, Perot Systems

Major General (ret.) Arnold Punaro

Senior Fellow, Defense Business Board; former Staff Director, U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee

Dr. Abram Shulsky

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

General (ret.) Charles Wald

Former Deputy Commander, U.S. European Command

Dr. Dov Zakheim

Former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)