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Testimony by Jason Grumet to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Jason Grumet / Research February 7, 2019

BPC President Jason Grumet testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources regarding the status and outlook of energy innovation in the United States.

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Integrating Clinical and Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities

Health / Research January 24, 2019

BPC examines barriers to the integration of clinical health care and mental health services, and identifies policy options for consideration in advancing integration.

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Social Security & Medicare Explained: Top 10 Questions & Answers

Economy / Research January 22, 2019

This chartbook explains what you need to know about the status of Social Security and Medicare – who the programs cover, how they are funded, and what their financial outlook is – in 10 questions and answers.

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Early Head Start–Child Care Partnerships: Spotlighting Early Successes Across America

Education / Research January 16, 2019

This report highlights the inner workings of 12 EHS-CCP programs, draws lessons learned, and makes recommendations for improving the program moving forward.

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Ethno-Sectarianism and Political Order in the Middle East

National Security / Research December 14, 2018

The newfound faith in the ability of centralized governments to maintain order by brutalizing restive populations into submission is belied by the region’s recent history.

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Creating an Integrated Efficient Early Care and Education System to Support Children and Families: A State-by-State Analysis

Education / Research December 13, 2018

A state-by-state analysis to explore whether states, like the federal government, are making progress toward improved integration and governance in ECE programs.

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Immigrants and Public Benefits: What Does the Research Say?

Immigration / Research December 5, 2018

This literature review attempts to discern where the preponderance of research lies on immigrant use of public benefits.

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Immigration’s Effect on the Social Security System

Economy / Research November 21, 2018

Immigration can mitigate the challenges of an underfunded Social Security System by providing additional workers to support the growing ranks of retirees.

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An Immigration Patchwork in the States

Immigration / Research November 15, 2018

An increasing number of states have enacted their own immigration laws, seeking to regulate issues related to education, enforcement, and employment within their states.

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2018 Primary Election Turnout and Reforms

Governance / Research November 15, 2018

Examination of turnout during the 2018 primary elections, conducted in 49 states and D.C., compared with turnout during the 2014 and 2010 midterm election cycles.

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