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Evidence Works: Cases Where Evidence Meaningfully Informed Policy

By Nick Hart, Meron Yohannes

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

All across society people use information to make good decisions. Policymakers and elected officials must be held to the same standard and engage in evidence-based policymaking. Today, there are a great many success stories about how evidence informs policy. Evidence Works presents a collection of case studies that highlight the many approaches to using evidence, the different types of information that can be relevant, and the challenges faced in the real world. But one thing is clear—society benefits when policymakers use research evidence to make good decisions.


List of case studies:


  1. Earned Reputation
  2. Disability Policy 
  3. Training Policy at the Onset of the Great Recession
  4. Family First
  5. Llama, Llama, Child Support Under Obama
  6. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
  7. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  8. What Will It take to End Family Homelessness 
  9. Cutting Health Care Costs
  10. Let’s Talk About LUST
  11. Assessing Children’s Health in Public and Assisted Housing
  12. Leveraging Research to Support the Nation’s Food Safety Net
  13. Making Street-Level Bureaucracy Work 
  14. Keeping Kids Safe and Healthy
  15. Improving Literacy
  16. Great Expectations, Re-Calibrated 
  17. Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
  18. There’s No Place Like Home
  19. Schoolhouse Rock
  20. Entering the Evidence Promised Land