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Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee Public Hearing on Bipartisan Election Reform


BPC Elections experts Matt Weil and Rachel Orey testified before Pennsylvania’s Senate State Government Committee about pre-canvassing, ballot curing, audits, and election funding. BPC Fellow Chris Thomas and BPC Task Force on Elections member Brian Corley also testified, comparing and contrasting Pennsylvania’s election systems with Michigan and Florida’s respectively.  

Watch the entire testimony here

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Key Moments

Featured Participants 

Hearing witnesses: 

Matthew Weil 

Director, Elections Project, BPC 

Download Matthew Weil’s written testimony  

Rachel Orey 

Senior Policy Analyst, Elections Project, BPC 

Download Rachel Orey’s written testimony 

Christopher Thomas 

Fellow, Elections Project, BPC; Former Michigan Director of Elections 

Download Christopher Thomas’ written testimony  

Brian Corley 

Task Force on Elections Member, Elections Project, BPC; Supervisor of Elections for Pasco County FL 

Download Brian Corley’s written testimony 

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