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Letter to Congressional Leaders in Support of Lifting Crude Oil Export Ban

“As Congress concludes the 2015 legislative session, the Bipartisan Policy Center encourages you to lift the restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports. Removing these antiquated restrictions will help ensure America remains globally competitive, improve our economy, and protect national security interests. Importantly, full engagement in the global oil market will not increase greenhouse gas emissions or the price that consumers pay for a gallon of gasoline.

“The export ban is a form of resource nationalism that undermines our nation’s fundamental commitment to efficient markets, affecting our ability to promote free and fair trade. From a foreign policy and international security vantage point, erasing this protectionist policy demonstrates that the United States is doing our part to strengthen global energy markets. By contributing to the pool of global spare capacity, we also increase our leverage over those who seek to manipulate energy supplies for their own geopolitical gain.”

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