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Communications Intern, Summer 2013

School: Cornell University ‘14

Major: Government and China and Asia-Pacific studies

Future Plans: I hope to eventually pursue a master’s in public policy, international relations, or Asian studies and find a career that combines my interests in politics and communications.

Intern Duties: As a member of the communications team, I have daily contact with not only BPC press secretaries, but also the event and website managers. Consequently, my duties range across a broad spectrum – I’ve compiled daily press clips and press highlights for each of BPC’s project teams, drafted media advisories and targeted media lists, created media summaries and statistics for BPC grant proposals, helped create materials and provided staff support for BPC events. While the tasks may certainly vary, there is a commonality – I work to help promote the organization to the rest of the country.

Best Intern Memory: Interning at a place like BPC is basically heaven for any political junkie. I’ve had the opportunity to listen up-close-and-personal to prominent political figures who participate in BPC events or who are affiliated with BPC, like Governors Jeb Bush and Haley Barbour, Senators Olympia Snowe, Pete Domenici, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Corker, John Warner, among many others.

On the importance of bipartisanship: Quite simply, these officials are elected to govern. Partisan bickering is hindering that goal. In order to govern, politicians need to work together and compromise, which will only succeed if both sides agree to come together for bipartisan discussions.

On being in D.C.: Where else in the world can you walk by the Washington Monument, the White House, the World Bank, ten embassies and a handful of cupcake shops on your way to work?