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Foreign Policy Project Intern, Summer 2013

School: Oberlin College ‘13

Major: Politics and Middle East Studies

Future Plans: As a recent college graduate, I plan to pursue a career in democratic development in the Middle East, as well as earn a master’s degree in Middle East Studies.

Intern Duties: I’m assisting Blaise Misztal, the Acting Director of the Foreign Policy Project, on the ongoing work of BPC’s Turkey Task Force. Best Intern Memory: I had the opportunity to attend a lunch and roundtable discussion with BPC Senior Fellow and Former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, on current trends in Latin America.

On the importance of bipartisanship: I think that, especially in foreign policy, there is a lot of continuity across administrations and across parties. Meeting the challenges facing our country and abroad requires a long-term perspective and approach, which can be best achieved by bipartisan cooperation on goals and policy.

On being in D.C.: D.C. is full of opportunities and amazing events that are open to the public. I was able to attend the Middle East Institute’s Conference on Turkey, which was relevant both to my personal interests as well as my work with the BPC.