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BPC Team: Immigration Project

School: University of Maryland ‘18

Major: Major in Economics; Minor in History

Future Plans: After graduating, I would like to keep working in a think tank. I would like to stick with immigration policy although I have other policy areas that I’d be open to as well, like trade policy or poverty policy. At some point, I’d like to consider going back to school either for a public policy masters or a masters in applied economics.

BPC Intern Duties: Most of what I do is drafting and researching materials for things like blog posts, issue briefs and other publications on a wide variety of topics in immigration. I’ve also been doing the same for our NAFTA project. In terms of daily things, I collect and send press clips of current issues and news in immigration. I attend Congressional hearings related to things we’re working on and I also attend other seminars that talk about other immigration issues.

Best Intern Memory: My favorite memory was the first time something was published online under my name. It’s cool that I was able to get that kind of recognition for my work.

On the importance of bipartisanship: I think especially with respect to immigration, but in any controversial policy area, bipartisanship is absolutely necessary to accomplishing anything meaningful. I think BPC as an organization starts conversations and allows for productive dialogue of serious policy people to find out what others like them are thinking, what others think is possible and what they don’t think is possible. And really, it lays the groundwork for so many other interests that people have that they can trace back to here as a starting point.

On being in Washington, DC: It’s a great city where you can find both people of any mindset. There’s also just a lot to do in the city. If you can’t find something to do in D.C., I don’t know what to tell you.