Working to find actionable solutions to the nation's key challenges.

BPC Team: BPC Action

School: Swarthmore College ‘19

Major: Major in Philosophy; Minor in Psychology

Future Plans: I’ll be going back to school to finish by bachelor’s degree. Then, I hope to spend a few years working: maybe in government or on the Hill or at a policy group like Bipartisan Policy Center. Then I’m planning to get a joint Master’s degree in law and public policy.

BPC Intern Duties: The neat thing about BPC Action is that it works with all the issue areas in trying to get the ideas and words into actual policies. So, a lot of what I did was pulling news clippings from all the different issue areas and what was happening on the Hill and sending those around to the whole team every morning. I also looked for examples of bipartisanship in Congress for us to promote on social media.

As a long-term project, I worked on the Summer of Civility Campaign. I helped promote it on our social media and also sent advocacy letters to members of Congress asking them to sign our pledge.

Best Intern Memory: I became really close with the other female interns here at BPC. So, one of my favorite memories is when we’d have a regular “women in BPC” lunch every week. And we’d just go talk and get lunch, and talking about our days. And that was a really good support group to have during my time here.

On the importance of bipartisanship: The biggest thing is that it is happening. People don’t see it and people just assume that everything is so polarized nowadays and nobody is interested in working together with the opposite side. While that does have some truth in it, and we are in a politically difficult time, there are still bipartisan things that are happening and they’re not really reported on as often. My biggest takeaway is that bipartisanship is possible and it’s happening, even in times like these.

On being in Washington, DC: I love the National Archives Museum. It’s so neat to see the physical copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It’s just a really well-done museum.