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A Tribute to BPC Co-Founder and former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker

With deep sadness, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) mourns the death of its co-founder and former Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. The senator was 88 years old.

All photos and video footage are downloadable and available for media. Please credit the Bipartisan Policy Center. For questions, please email [email protected]Download photos and video here.

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What really makes the Senate work is an understanding of human nature, an appreciation of the hearts as well as the minds, the frailties as well as the strengths, of one’s colleagues and one’s constituents.
Howard Baker, Senate Majority Leader and BPC Co-Founder
If we cannot be civil to one another, and if we stop dealing with those with whom we disagree, or that we don’t like, we would soon stop functioning altogether.
Howard Baker, Senate Majority Leader and BPC Co-Founder

A Century of Service

View all coverage of “A Century of Service”, an event BPC hosted in 2012 to honor the combined 100 years of public service between BPC co-founders and former Senators Howard Baker and Bob Dole.

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