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BPC has a long history of advocating that government policies and practices be based on the best available evidence. BPC’s Evidence Project is an effort that that broadly focuses on the policies that encourage the generation and use of evidence for policymaking, which includes the pursuit of implementation strategies for the recommendations from the U.S. Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking. The Evidence Project addresses matters related to the use of science and research evidence, privacy policy, and other BPC-wide policy issues. 


This internship will be split between assisting with long-term research projects, creating communication with project stakeholders, and assisting BPC experts in providing technical assistance to executive branch agencies and Congress. Interns will also have the opportunity to support efforts to monitor congressional activities, support event planning for roundtable and public events, and participate in activities with experts from across the evidence community. 

This internship will involve research into numerous areas: barriers to data access, resources for evidence-building activities, data privacy and confidential data, effectively communicating science with political officials and the public, program evaluation practices in government, data hygiene strategies relevant for the government, among other topic areas. Interns may be tasked with writing blog posts, contributing to the drafting of technical papers, and analyzing relevant government documents.