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Project Background

The Evidence-Based Policymaking Initiative launched at BPC in 2017 to continue the work of the U.S. Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking. The initiative specifically supports development of implementation strategies for the unanimous recommendations offered by the commission about the generation of evidence and encourages the use of evidence in informing government decisions. Specifically, the initiative provides advice and expertise on implementation options, extending the work of the commission as Congress develops legislation and as the Executive Branch devises regulations, policies, and standards to improve the generation of evidence in the country.

In 2018, the initiative is focused on several projects that advance dialogue about access to government data, improved privacy protections for confidential data, enhancing the capacity of government to engage in evidence building, encouraging the use of evidence in congressional decision-making processes, and facilitating activities in the states to support evidence-based policymaking.


This internship will be split between working on long-term research, drafting economic policy posts for BPC’s blog and assisting staff in preparing responses to Hill and media requests. Other facets of the internship include: monitoring major congressional activity, analyzing budget documents and event planning.

This internship will involve research into numerous areas: barriers to data access, resources for evidence building activities, administrative processes to support evidence building in government, program evaluation practices in government, data hygiene strategies relevant for government, among other topic areas. You will be tasked with writing blog posts, contributing to drafting of technical papers, monitoring congressional activity, analyzing relevant government documents, and event planning.