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Stopping the Clock on Iran’s Nuclear Development

WHEN: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ET

WHERE: Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902, Washington, DC

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Preventing Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability is one of the most urgent national security challenges facing the United States. Despite enduring 15 years of sanctions, a cyber attack on its nuclear facilities and other setbacks, Iran is fast approaching the nuclear threshold. Stopping the clock on Iran’s nuclear development requires demonstrating resolve and a triple-track approach of diplomacy, robust sanctions, and credible, visible preparations for a military option of last resort. BPC held a discussion on these important recommendations being released in its fourth Iran report, Meeting the Challenge: Stopping the Clock.

Read the Report: Meeting the Challenge: Stopping the Clock

Read the Press Release: Bipartisan Policy Center Report Recommends a Credible Threat of Military Force to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Development


Senator Dan Coats (R-IN)

Former Senator Chuck Robb (D-VA)

Co-Chair, BPC’s

Iran Initiative General (ret.) Chuck Wald

Co-Chair, BPC’s Iran Initiative

John Tanner

Vice Chairman, Prime Policy Group Member, BPC’s Iran Initiative

Opening Remarks by

Michael Makovsky

Director, BPC’s Foreign Policy Project

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Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902