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Will the Election be Legit: How to Protect from Threats Foreign and Domestic

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There are very real threats to our elections in November. A great deal of misinformation is spreading, and voters do not know where to look for trusted information. Increases in by-mail voting and safety concerns about voting in polling places have led to confusion about the best options to vote. All of these changes will likely lead to slower results reporting and the possibility of one or both parties dismissing official totals as fraudulent or illegitimate.

Please join us as we discuss what’s fact and what’s fiction, and what we can still do to maintain the integrity of our elections this November.

Featured Participants

Donna Brazile
Former Interim Chairwoman, Democratic National Committee, Fox News Contributor, Adjunct Professor, Howard University

Michael Steele
Former Chairman, Republican National Committee, CEO, The Steele Group, Former Lt. Governor of Maryland

Kathy Boockvar
Pennsylvania Secretary of State
@KathyBoockvar, @PAStateDept

Laurel Lee
Florida Secretary of State

Moderated by:

Steve Scully
Political Editor, C-SPAN

Additional participants to be announced

In light of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, BPC events have shifted to all remote formats, such as video teleconferences or calls.

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