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What Big Tech's Online Practices Mean for Competition Policy

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About this event

Congress is busy debating legislation around big tech and competition policy, with big tech’s online practices, like self-preferencing, sideloading restrictions, and data usage, being a continued area of special interest.

The debates focus on the effects of these practices on market competition, but also other goals, such as protecting privacy and security. It also includes questions about whether existing law can adequately address potential concerns many have.

Join the Bipartisan Policy Center on July 26th as we dive into these issues and try to better understand the nuances.

Featured Participants

Panel discussion with:

Alden Abbott
Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center
Ashley Baker
Director of Public Policy, Committee for Justice
Bill Baer
Visiting Fellow – Governance Studies, Brookings Institution
Diana Moss
President, American Antitrust Institute

Moderated by:

John Soroushian
Senior Associate Director, BPC

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