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To Save Democracy, Make It Worth Saving: Get More Done

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Former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Alice Rivlin’s posthumous book, Divided We Fall contains an urgent message to the American public: Get involved in making democracy work better or risk losing it.

Alarmed at the state of American politics and policy, Ms. Rivlin combined scholarship with personal experience to call on political leaders of both parties to break stalemates and make the compromises necessary to reach bipartisan agreements. Following her passing in 2019, Ms. Rivlin’s son and daughter-in-law, Allan and Sheri Rivlin, completed her manuscript.

Join BPC for a discussion on the state of politics and public policy, as well as the legacy of the late Alice Rivlin.

A reception featuring light refreshments will precede the program.

Featured Participants


Allan Rivlin
Co-Author, Divided We Fall; Son of Alice Rivlin

Sheri Rivlin
Co-Author, Divided We Fall; Daughter-in-Law of Alice Rivlin


Bob Reischauer, Ph.D.
Former Director, Congressional Budget Office; Former President, Urban Institute; Senior Fellow of Economic Studies, Brookings Institution

Bill Kristol
Editor-at-Large, The Bulwark; Former Founder and Editor-at-Large, The Weekly Standard

Isabel Sawhill, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Former Vice President and Director of Economic Studies, Brookings Institution; Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget

Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Ph.D.
Former Executive Director, National Institute of Civil Discourse

Anthony Williams
Former Mayor of Washington, DC; Board Member, BPC


Ruth Marcus
Associate Editor & Columnist, Washington Post

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