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The Evolution of Digital Literacy in the Age of AI


With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), understanding what AI is has become vital for navigating the internet safely and effectively. Join BPC for a panel discussion on the profound impacts AI has on our digital ecosystem, including social media feeds and cybersecurity practices. Professors and tech experts will discuss how the misuse of AI-generated content can negatively impact our mental health and online security. We will dive into the technology skills digital consumers need to adapt to this new information age and what federal policy options are being proposed to increase knowledge of AI uses.

Key Topics:


Pamela Gupta | Chief Executive Officer, Trusted AI

Ariel Fox Johnson | Senior Advisor, Common Sense Media

Christian Pinedo | Chief of Staff, The AI Education Project

Pat Yongpradit | Chief Academic Officer,

Danielle Draper | Project Manager, BPC (Moderator)


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