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The Economics of Step-by-Step Immigration Reform

Bipartisan Policy Center
1225 Eye St. NW
Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005
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Over the past two years, many lawmakers have suggested that immigration reform should proceed not through a single comprehensive bill, but through a sequence of focused legislative efforts. To understand the potential economic and budgetary impacts of such “step-by-step” immigration reform, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) partnered with Macroeconomic Advisers, LLC to produce a new study, Assembling the Pieces: The Economics of Step-by-Step Immigration Reform. By examining five hypothetical combinations of immigration bills, the study reveals fundamental insights about how different approaches to immigration reform would impact the U.S. economic and budget outlook.

BPC hosted a discussion to examine the study’s findings and discuss the potential costs and benefits of step-by-step immigration reform with an expert panel, including opening remarks by former Governor Haley Barbour.

Keynote remarks by:

Governor Haley Barbour
Co-Chair, BPC Immigration Task Force

Panel discussion with:

Joel Prakken
Senior Managing Director & Co-Founder, Macroeconomics Advisers, LLC

David Dyssegaard Kallick
Senior Fellow, Fiscal Policy Institute
Director, Immigration Research Institute

Alex Nowrasteh
Immigration Policy Analyst, Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity

Moderated by:

Theresa Brown
Director of Immigration Policy, BPC


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