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Should the Federal Government Provide Water Bill Assistance?

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Water rates have been rising steadily in recent years, making it increasingly difficult for low-income families to afford their bills. This trend could be amplified by COVID-19-related financial hardships and even lead to widespread service shut-offs. Some members of Congress have made providing aid to low-income families to help pay water bills a COVID-19 relief priority, for example with a proposal that supplements the longstanding Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, a federal grant program providing energy and heating bill assistance. Please join us for a panel discussion to explore the merits and shortfalls of a federal water assistance program, discuss the prospects for bipartisan action in Congress, and consider other critical water-related needs in this moment of crisis.

Featured Participants

Laurel Firestone
Board Member, California State Water Resources Control Board

Mae Stevens
Executive Vice President, Signal Group

Manny Teodoro
Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

Moderated by:

Andy Winkler
Associate Director, BPC

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