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Share Repurchases: What Are the Broader Economic Benefits to Society?

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As the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission considers a proposed rule on share repurchases, there has been much discussion about the possibility of changing rules around stock buybacks. The partisan debate almost always devolves into a question of what to do with excess capital. Should the capital be returned to shareholders, through dividends and increased share value through repurchases; or reinvested in a company’s workforce through increased pay, benefits, and training? In the end, the ultimate decision is left up to a company’s board. However, what is rarely discussed in the debate is the broader economic effects of repurchases and the full set of potential beneficiaries.

Please join us for a discussion about share repurchases and the financial impacts they have on a broad range of stakeholders, including employees, retirees, local communities, and small businesses.

Featured Participants

Panel discussion with:

Daniel Bergstresser
Associate Professor of Finance, Brandeis University

Troy Paredes
Former SEC Commissioner, Paredes Strategies LLC

Moderated by:

Tim Doyle
Senior Policy Advisor, BPC

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