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Recession-Proofing Higher Education

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Economic recessions disrupt state budgets and spending on higher education, further driving up the cost of college. The Bipartisan Policy Center has called for a renewed federal investment in college affordability via flexible block grants to states, with some funding dedicated to rainy day funds that protect higher education spending during economic downturns. BPC estimates that a decade of federal investment through these proposed block grants—along with a partial state match—could produce $170 billion in additional personal earnings, generating tens of billions in federal and state tax revenues.

Join us for a discussion about recession-proofing higher education funding with Sophia Laderman, associate vice president at the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, and Michele Shepard, senior director of college affordability at The Institute for College Access and Success. Afterwards, Natalie Butler, BPC research analyst, will demonstrate BPC’s new interactive tool that allows users to manipulate the proposed parameters of the rainy day funds and block grant allocations.

Featured Speakers

Sophia Laderman
Associate Vice President, State Higher Education Executive Officers

Michele Shepard
Senior Director of College Affordability, The Institute for College Access and Success


Natalie Butler
Research Analyst, BPC


Shai Akabas
Director of Economic Policy, BPC

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