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First Republic Sold to J.P. Morgan: How Do We Prevent the Next Bank Failure?

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The failure of San Francisco-based First Republic Bank – the second largest in U.S. history – raises new concerns about the structure of America’s banking system. Is this the end of a bad streak or could we see more?

Join us for a discussion on what the third bank collapse in the last two months may mean for the economy, a review of new FDIC proposals on deposit insurance reforms, the most recent interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve, and what can be done to prevent the next bank failure.

Our guests: Former Rep. John Delaney, Founder and Executive Chairman of Forbright Bank, Randy Hultgren, President and CEO, Illinois Bankers Association, and Professor Da Lin, Richmond University School of Law, on her testimony this week to the Senate Banking Committee on holding executives accountable.




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