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Partners in Ingenuity: Inventing the Future

Dirksen Senate Office Building Room 430
2nd Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
This event has passed.


President Trump’s recent budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 has sparked a conversation about the appropriate federal role in supporting the nation’s innovators. As the congressional appropriations process begins in earnest, energy research programs within the Department of Energy are among those under scrutiny, despite a history of broad, bipartisan support. As Congress deliberates the appropriate level of investment in these programs, it is important to understand how the dynamics of the energy sector ? including growing competition for multi-trillion-dollar global energy markets ? should factor into their decision.

AEIC hosted a conversation about the energy innovation process, with leading industry voices discussing whether smart, targeted approaches for limited federal resources can complement private sector investments in pursuit of advanced energy technologies. AEIC also released its latest report at the event, examining these questions in further detail. 

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