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Midcontinent States Regional Workshop: Implementation Options for EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan

Westin Metro Airport
2501 Worldgateway Place
Detroit, MI 48242
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The Great Plains Institute and Bipartisan Policy Center hosted a workshop to discuss implementation options for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Proposed Clean Power Plan in the Midcontinent region.

EPA is expected to release its final Clean Power Plan in mid-summer, including state carbon emission reduction goals for power plants. States will then have to develop and submit plans to achieve those goals. States and stakeholders in the region have been working to evaluate the policy options available to states for inclusion in state plans. In the Midcontinent region, state officials have been active in the Midcontinent States Environmental and Energy Regulators (MSEER) group. Also, the Midwestern Power Sector Collaborative, convened by the Great Plains Institute, brings state officials and stakeholders together to explore and engage on these policy issues.

This workshop gathered states, stakeholders, and experts, including those participating in MSEER and the Power Sector Collaborative.

The agenda included:

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