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Maximizing the Value of Healthy Aging to Society

Bipartisan Policy Center
1225 Eye St. NW
Washington, DC 20005
This event has passed.

The Bipartisan Policy Center and the Alliance for Aging Research explored the work of MetLife Foundation Silver Scholar Award® winner David A. Wise, the John F. Stambaugh Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus at the Harvard Kennedy School, and discussed the broader issues of assessing value in aging. The award, administered by the Alliance for Aging Research, honors the work of researchers whose scholarship increases our understanding of the value of healthy life after 65 and continued medical innovations that help people live longer in good health.

As our population ages with increasing chronic disease, the United States faces enormous and unprecedented stresses to its health care system and economy. While many Americans age 65 and older are no longer in the “traditional” workforce, they are increasingly seeking opportunities for civic engagement, exploring new careers, supporting families, and continuing to contribute to society. Education, wealth, and health all increase the opportunities for older Americans to make continued societal contributions post-retirement.


Dr. Carolyn Blanckmeister
Global Medical Lead for Wellness, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Dr. Richard Frank
Professor of Health Economics, Harvard Medical School

G. William Hoagland
Senior Vice President, BPC

Dr. Anand Parekh
Chief Medical Advisor, BPC

Moderated by:

Susan Peschin
President and Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Aging Research

The MetLife Foundation Silver Scholar Award is supported by a grant to the Alliance for Aging Research from MetLife Foundation.


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