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Is There Reason To Hope? Turkey After the 2018 Elections

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Choate Room
1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC
This event has passed.

On June 24, Turkish voters will go to the polls to select the first president and parliament to be elected under the constitutional reforms of 2016. With President Recep Tayyip Erdogan poised to assume even greater powers if he wins, these elections have been described as Turkey’s last off-ramp before dictatorship. While some observers remain optimistic about the possibility of a surprise opposition victory, others fear that a contested or stolen vote could end in protests and violence.

With the stakes higher than ever, please join us for an expert panel on Tuesday June 26 that will discuss the results of Turkey’s elections as well as their implications for the future of Turkish democracy and for the U.S.-Turkish relationship.


Henri Barkey
Cohen Professor of International Relations, Lehigh University; Senior Fellow, Middle East Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Nicholas Danforth
Senior Policy Analyst, BPC

Howard Eissenstat
Associate Professor, St. Lawrence University; POMED Nonresident Fellow

Lisel Hintz
Assistant Professor of International Relations and European Studies, School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins

Gönül Tol
Founding Director, Center for Turkish Studies, Middle East Institute; Adjunct Professor, George Washington University

Moderated By

Amy Hawthorne
Deputy Director for Research, POMED


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