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Investigating January 6: A Conversation with the 9/11 Commission Chairs

This event has passed.

The January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol left Congress, and the nation, staggered. It attempted to prevent the democratic process of counting the election results and the transfer of power, dealt a serious blow to the legislative branch, and shattered the sense of safety for those who work on Capitol Hill.

As Congress contemplates an independent commission to investigate this attack, it is instructive that almost 20 years ago, Congress established a bipartisan 9/11 Commission to answer fundamental questions about how that heinous event could occur, how we would move on, and how we could prevent it from happening again. Join us this Thursday, March 11 for a conversation with 9/11 Commission Chair Tom Kean and Vice-Chair Lee Hamilton as they explore how a bipartisan, independent examination into January 6 can bring legitimacy and credibility to findings that will be critical to ensuring such an attack never recurs, and our government and nation are able to move forward.

Download the letter.

Featured Participants

Thomas H. Kean
Chair, 9/11 Commission; Co-Chair, BPC Task Force on Terrorism and Ideology

Lee H. Hamilton
Vice Chair, 9/11 Commission; Co-Chair, BPC Task Force on Terrorism and Ideology

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