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Cost Modeling Analysis and Market Rate Survey - Why Child Care Needs Both

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COVID-19 intensified our nation’s child care crisis and destabilized an already fragile business model. In addition to increasing child care supports which address demand – i.e. helping parents afford care – we must also find solutions to bolster the supply of child care.

One innovative way to identify new supply-side strategies is cost modeling. It’s used by businesses of all types, and depending on the methodology, it can calculate the cost to run an entire child care system, an individual program, or the cost per-child.

BPC’s child care experts will break down what cost modeling is and how it can inform investments in child care on Monday, December 5. Experts will also highlight why both a market rate survey and a cost modeling analysis are not mutually exclusive tools and how the collected data can identify business strategies that can increase quality and access and sustain the child care sector.

Featured Participants


Samantha Aigner-Treworgy
Fellow, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC

Caroline Osborn
Project Assistant, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC


Theresa Hawley, Ph.D,
Executive Director, Center for Early Learning Funding Equity

Sara Mead
Deputy Superintendent of Early Learning at DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education

Moderated by:

Linda Smith
Director, Early Childhood Initiative, BPC

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