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Immigration at the State Level: An Examination of Proposed State-Based Visa Programs in the U.S.

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The federal government has sole authority to admit immigrants, determine how many immigrants to admit, and create criteria for admission. However, immigrants live and work in states and localities which are, in turn, responsible for many aspects of everyday life for themselves and their communities. Some states feel that they do not have the workers they need or cannot recruit enough foreign workers under the current legal immigration system to support their local economy. In response, states, think tanks, and members of Congress have proposed guest worker programs that would allow them to recruit and hire additional workers. As the United States grapples with federal immigration reform, the Bipartisan Policy Center asks, should states lead on immigration?

In partnership with Michele Waslin, Ph.D., from George Mason University, join the Bipartisan Policy Center as it releases its latest report on proposed state-based visa programs. This event will be an informal webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Join us on Zoom.

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Featured Participants:

Hon. John Hostettler
Former Representative, 8th District of Indiana; VP of Federal Affairs-States Trust, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Ann Morse
Federal Affairs Counsel of the Immigration Policy Project, National Conference of State Legislatures

Michele Waslin, Ph.D.
Report Author; Program Coordinator, Institute for Immigration Research at George Mason University

Theresa Cardinal Brown
Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center

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